Strip Strip Hurray by Yvonne Arie


(Sex) lifehack! Stripping is the perfect way to celebrate your sexy. So take it off and show it off. It will make you feel super sexy and probably even empowered. It might be out of your comfort zone. So we are here to help.


“ Here’s how to prepare for a striptease and a playlist filled with sexy songs to strip to.“

1. Get Gorgeous

The number one trick in a sexy striptease is getting comfortable and confident in your own skin. So treat yourself to a nice long hot bath or shower, put on your favorite and sexy scented body oil, and get dolled up. You don’t have to put on anything complicated. Or think about what how your lover wants to see you. Wear something that makes YOU feel sexy. If it’s a thong and tank top, wear it. If it’s a silk little nightie, go for it. The point is for you to feel gorgeous and comfortable. You have to feel sexy in order to be sexy.

2. Pick The Spot

Keep in mind that the right lighting can make all the difference. So pick a spot that has lighting that hugs all your curves in the right way. If you’re new to stripping, use something that can keep your balance. A chair will do. But a doorway is so much more fun. Why? Because you can slowly slide down from it…. Found the perfect strip spot? Now really set the mood by lighting some scented candles.

3. Strip Strip Hurray Playlist

Choose one or two songs that make you feel super sexy. You can all so leave The Yvonne Arie Strip Strip Hurray playlist on repeat. It’s filled with sexy songs that are amazing to strip to. It also keeps the sexy in the air for whatever happens after your striptease….

4. The Striptease

As long as you feel confident and comfortable in your skin, there’s nothing much that can go wrong. But there are a few pointers that can help you out with the actual stripping. Don’t rush your dance. Remember that a striptease is a slow seduction. Move your body slowly and take small steps. Speaking of small steps, don’t take all of your clothes off at once. Tease… Remove one item at a time. If you really want to put the tease into striptease, remove the least important articles of clothing first and work your way to your panties slowly…. Make them want it…

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