Let’s play the fantasy lottery



Even the steamiest romances can use some spice sometimes. Foreplay is the answer. And by foreplay we mean games. The most fun and sexy game around is the fantasy lottery. Have you tried it yet?



“ Here’s how to play the fantasy lottery.“

1. Get in the mood

This is probably the most important part in any kind of foreplay and / or sexy game. Because you can’t express what you like if you don’t have a clue what it is. So go ahead. Get comfortable, break open a bottle of wine, and fantasize. Fantasize about the things that turn you on and you can’t wait to try. Bonus: why not whip out your favorite vibrator while doing this? Self love is the best love.  

3. Lets do it

Both you and your lover write five sexual fantasies down on five separate cards. Then head to the place you’ve picked. Over dinner and wine, pull out the cards and make three piles: "yes"; "maybe "; and "never." Put the items from the first two piles in a little box, and once a month — or as often as you like — pull one out to try. Steamy nights guaranteed. Enjoy!

2. Tell tell tell

Tell your lover what you’re up to. And tell them to go think about what their own personal favorite sexual fantasies are. Then pick a nice place in public, yet big enough to give both some form of privacy. The danger of getting caught while playing the fantasy lottery is half the fun.

Stay safe and have fun kittens..

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