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Late for class


I was thinking about sleeping in, but just in time I realized that I had a lecture. From him.  And he hates it when students are late.  Normally he likes to put tardy students on the spot in a very unpleasant way. But this time...


“It turned out to become one of the hottest lectures I’ve ever gotten. “

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An office affair with my boss



I’ve always had a busy life. Which meant didn’t really have the time to go hunting for new hook-ups. I was climbing the career ladder, so the majority of my time was spend behind my desk at the office. I was sort of into my manager. But thought she was too professional to even see me in that kind of way.


“ Until one day she invited me up to her office to check something.“

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Getting friendly with the neighbours



This is a story about how we got to know our new neighbours.

They were a beautiful couple and always seemed all over each other. Something I was missing in my relationship for a while. This one evening they invited us over for their housewarming. Not sure about how it all started. But it was the hottest housewarming I’ve ever attended. 


“ Because at some point we were all over our new neighbours too.“

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A Park Bench Romance



It was spring and I was enjoying a sunny Sunday at the park. It was everything you would expect from an innocent day at the park.  Until that fifth bottle of rose… I’ve should have know.


“ I knew he always got frisky after a few glasses of wine.“

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Rekindling the flame

We’ve been together for years and the thrill was missing in our relationship to be honest. We started out so passionate, but somehow somewhere along the way we lost our fire.  Until This one evening she planned something special. I saw a side of her I never saw before.


“ One day I received a handwritten card from her at my office.“

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Reunited with the ex

 We broke up a few months back. And didn’t speak since then. I knew he wasn’t exactly husband material. He was living life in the fast lane and always said het was too much of a free spirit to commit to just one woman.Finally on speaking terms again, I agreed to meet up at his apartment.  He said he wondered how I was. And since it months past since I’ve seen hem, I figured there wouldn’t be any harm in it. That was until I arrived at his apartment.

"I’m lying. Of course I want to get in your pants he said while sliding his fingers down my back"

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The Tinder Rebound

My boyfriend had dumped me for some very young hot new thing. He said he needed someone with ‘ more spice’ in his life. I was sad, felt totally unattractive, and had to move out of our home on top of it all. I was longing to feel wanted again so badly. So I switched on Tinder.


I knew it was a superficial temporary kind of solution. But at that point, I didn’t care. I just needed someone to cure my heartache asap. It didn’t take very long for me to find a candidate. So I found myself waiting on him at a hotel bar that very same evening. I’ve heard horrible stories about hock ups like these before, so I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I wanted get laid that evening.

" I nodded yes and followed him from the bar into the room."

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Getting it on at the office.

Can I start by saying that I’ve always loved my job.

And I might risk loosing it if word gets’ out about my dirty little office secret. It al started when he arrived at the office.


He got transferred from our Spain department to ours.

I still remember the first day he walked in. Devastingly handsome and confident in the well-fitted suit he wore. He looked me straight into my eyes and shuck my hand firmly. Within that handshake I could already feel the sexual chemistry between us. It was electrifying. “ Welcome to our team.” I said as firmly as I was able to. 


" We had to do a project together. Which meant: long hours and          lots of alone time."

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Girl on girl....

It was time to blow of some steam after a growling week at the office. So I decided to call my girls for a ladies night out. Little did I know that this night would eventually turn into some girl on girl action.


It was just like every other night I would go out wit my friends. Drinks where flowing, we danced and laughed the night away. I noticed a girl staring at me from the corner of the club. Didn’t think much of it though. Thought she was just checking out my outfit. As the night progressed, so did the amount drinks I had in my system. And like any other night out, one by one my girls night my friends started disappearing to have a smoke or to hook up with some guy.

"I found myself dancing for her. Almost as if I was trying                      to seduce her."

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My first time

She was a few years older than me.

And even though she was way out of my league, I still had a big crush on her. I never expected she would take my virginity.



She lived a few houses down from ours. One day I bumped into her on our street. She’d just finished tennis practice and out of the blue she asked me if I could carry her gym bag home for her. She said she threw her back out during practice. I was in shock. Did she even know that I existed?  Of course I helped her.



" I watched in disbelief, as her perfect full lips slid over my shaft."

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Did you say gay?

Never say never is a common phrase I hear a lot and thought nothing much of until this one weekend spent with my gay best friend Danny in Paris. Danny and I were the typical duo, he was my partner in crime and the best shopping buddy a girl could ask for. He was good looking, hilarious sense of humour, brutally honest and I knew he'd never try and steal my brand new Gucci shoes. We would hit all the latest bars and clubs, dance until the sun came up and cruise guys together. In my opinion gay best friends where the best! Like that perfect pair of jeans your ass always looks great in, every girl should have one!


So after a long week at the office we both decided a change of scenery was a must. "Paris is ALWAYS a good idea" he texted me Thursday night. And just like that we booked a ticket and hopped on a plane to the land of sexy french men cheese and wine.


" We have wine at our place, Danny said. Do you boys want to join?"

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