Sexy Songs by Yvonne Arie



We understand that sexy songs have the power to get you in a naughty mood. Or that they can whisper in your ear and seduce you and your lover(s) straight to the bedroom. We aim to please. So... Feel like getting in the mood?  


“ Here's our playlist filled with sexy songs .“

Favorite Sexy Song?

Most definitely I feel love by Donna Summer!


It's the exact same vibe anyone should get in when they're about to get into a naughty adventure. It's seductive, it's powerful, and makes you feel like a sexy siren when you listen to it. 


Back when Yvonne Arie was just an idea, we used to play this song on repeat. Just to awaken the inner vixen  while brainstorming about what Yvonne Arie should be and what it should look like. Hope you'll like it as much as we did.

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