Reunited with the ex

 We broke up a few months back. And didn’t speak since then. I knew he wasn’t exactly husband material. He was living life in the fast lane and always said het was too much of a free spirit to commit to just one woman.Finally on speaking terms again, I agreed to meet up at his apartment.  He said he wondered how I was. And since it months past since I’ve seen hem, I figured there wouldn’t be any harm in it. That was until I arrived at his apartment.

"I’m lying. Of course I want to get in your pants he said while sliding his fingers down my back"

He opened the door and stared me down with his piercing blue eyes. “ Gorgeous as ever.” He said looking me straight in my face. I could all ready feel my defenses going down and knees get weak. We sat down and drank some tea. How’s life? I asked him. Same old, same old , he replied still staring me in the eyes. Again you look amazing. And I’m not saying it to get in your pants. Well that’s a first. I replied in a snarky tone. I’m lying. Of course I want to get in your pants he said while sliding his fingers down my back. From that point I no longer controlled my actions.

"We were so into it and hot I had to bite my bottom lip                                    hard to make sure I wouldn’t cum."

I pressed my lips together and ran my hands across his hips. Impatient, I shoved him down to the floor and climbed on top. Bouncing on my knees, I thrust my hand between my legs to finger my clit as he penetrated me. We were so into it and hot I had to bite my bottom lip hard to make sure I wouldn’t cum. Playing with myself proved too much, so I threw my hands back and enjoyed the view, which was him enjoying the view.


He whisked around the side, grabbing me behind the ankles and flipped my legs back. A thrill rushed over me as my knees pressed against my tits and he held me there, exposed. I felt his gaze bore into me, and he let out a grawl of lust. Then he fucked me harder than ever before. It was pure lust and I loved it. A moment later he was coming inside me.


Even though I enjoyed every second of it, I knew it was best to grab my stuff and go. Exes are exes for a reason. - Eva


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