Late for class


I was thinking about sleeping in, but just in time I realized that I had a lecture. From him.  And he hates it when students are late.  Normally he likes to put tardy students on the spot in a very unpleasant way. But this time...


“It turned out to become one of the hottest lectures I’ve ever gotten. “

An hour after my realisation I stepped into the lecture hall frazzled and blushing. To my surprise the lecture hall was completely empty. Well, not entirely, because the professor was still there. . He was my favourite. He was the one on whom secretly all girls of the faculty hade a crush on. Those wise eyes, that jaw line, his bouncy hair. I knew he was way too old for me, but how can you help not crushing on him.


“ I bit my lip but can't suppress a soft sigh.“

"Can I help you Anne?" His voice snapped me back into reality, how long have I been staring at him? I started blushing. I just couldn’t help it.  I’m here for your lecture.  Well, that started at nine o'clock, he said while he walked my way. Is it just me? Or do I see something of a twinkle in his eyes? I bit my lip but cannot suppress a soft sigh. He looked at me questioningly. Is something wrong? I shook no and felt how my body yearned for him. Is he getting even closer?


Before I knew it, he grabbed my hands. His touch caused an explosion in me and made me want him even more. I could feel his face getting closer. Is this really happening? I felt his lips on mine, his tongue gently sliding over my lower lip. I groaned, what does this man do to me? So confused but oh-so excited. I decided to go for it and kiss him again, this time rougher. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. He pushes me in the direction of his desk and turned me around. While he kissed my neck, he played with my breasts. I felt how hard he became. I leaned forward over his desk and brushed my butt against his hard cock.  Is my secret fantasy with my favourite professor really coming true right now?


“ I opened his pants and tried to seduce him with my eyes. “

I turn around and slowly start to unbutton his shirt. I slid my hands over his chest while gently biting his neck. He was in such a good shape! I sat down on the desk and clamped my legs around him. I wanted him even closer. He took off my dress and looked approvingly at my breasts. My hands went down in his jeans; I could feel his big and hard cock against my hand. I opened his pants and tried to seduce him with my eyes. I desperately wanted to feel him inside me. He pushes his cock against my thong. Just to tease me, I guess. 

He laid me down on the desk and started kissing me. His tongue wandered down while he played with my breasts. Slowly, he licked the inside of my thighs, then gently rolled his tongue over my pussy.  Suddenly he started licking my clit. I groaned and grabbed his hair. He licked me very slowly and passionately, while I felt his fingers go inside me. He certainly knew what he’s doing. I couldn’t get enough of it. I was just like my fantasy. I bit my lip to be quiet, but I couldn’t prevent it from groaning while I came.


Suddenly, he seemed shocked. Pointed at the clock and told me to get dressed.  I’m sorry, but there will be a lecture in ten minutes!  We quickly exchange one last kiss and try to act like nothing went down.

We should do this more often, he said with a wink. And we did. - Anne

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