An office affair with my boss



I’ve always had a busy life. Which meant didn’t really have the time to go hunting for new hook-ups. I was climbing the career ladder, so the majority of my time was spend behind my desk at the office. I was sort of into my manager. But thought she was too professional to even see me in that kind of way.


“ Until one day she invited me up to her office to check something.“

She didn’t look anything like a high profile manager. She was sexy and had a relaxed vibe to her. She was also very good at her job. The combination of it all really made me hot for her. It made it challenging to act normal whenever she was around. But for the sake of my career, I managed to pull it together. And then this email came.


“She was my manager, but also my secret crush“


It was from her. And it was short and businesslike. "Can you come for a final check on the report?" So I got up and changed my status in Outlook from Available to Busy-In Discussion. I took the elevator instead of the stairs. I wanted to check if my hair was ok in the mirror in the elevator wall. She was my manager, but also my secret crush.

I stepped in to her office without knocking and close the door behind me without a word.  She still looked busy or pretending to be. Her eyes were still focussed on something on her screen. Her dark brown hair rested on her shoulders nonchalantly. I couldn’t stop looking at it. It turned me on. She took off her glasses.  And rubbed her fingers over the bridge of her nose and signed me to come sit next to her.  Not sure if this is just in my head. But was almost like I could feel sexual tension in the air. I walked to her around the desk.


“Her big bright eyes looked straight at me the whole time. It felt so hot. Can’t believe she’s doing this“

She pulls me towards her by my waistband. I was in shock. But had too much of a crush on this woman to say a word. Her eyes were full of passion and looking straight at me. With one hand she unbuttoned my trousers, slid her hand in, and covered my dick with her hand. I couldn’t help but growl. What else did she expect? Her fingers played with me. Sliding, pressing, stroking my dick. Her big bright eyes looked straight at me the whole time. It felt so hot. Can’t believe she’s doing this. My breath got heavier. 


 I felt her fingers ironing through my hair. From the top down. She presses a kiss in my ear. Whispers my name. I tried focus and my mouth finds hers. As we start kissing passionately as I was still standing there with my trousers on my ankles. Thankfully no one came in to her office. It was oh so wrong. But that’s what made it so damn hot.


Ever since that day we have an office romance going on. Hope no one finds out. Else we'll both loose our jobs. - Tom

She speeds up her movements and ordered me to come.  Her bossy tone drove me wild.  "Come for me baby ". I let her take over. But really I didn’t want to come yet. Her left hand grabs mine, presses her thumb deep into the palm of my palm. I bit my lip. My hips  were shaking between her hands. I couldn’t stop biting my bottom lip, trying to keep the sound inside. I couldn’t take it any longer. Ooh, I'm coming! My breath was shaking with my body. A soft moan escapes from my lips. Ooh Lord what an amazing woman! My legs are trembling.  She had to keep me balanced to keep me up my feet.


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