Getting friendly with the neighbours



This is a story about how we got to know our new neighbours.

They were a beautiful couple and always seemed all over each other. Something I was missing in my relationship for a while. This one evening they invited us over for their housewarming. Not sure about how it all started. But it was the hottest housewarming I’ve ever attended. 


“ Because at some point we were all over our new neighbours too.“

I still remember the day they moved in. I watched them as they moved their stuff into their new home. Never saw anyone look so good sweaty, dressed in t-shirt’s and sweatpants. They were a beautiful couple. She was curved in all the right places and had a very sexual air about her. He was fit and looked like a bad boy turned good. They were so into each other.  Every time she would bend over, he touched her perfectly round butt. She giggled and gave him a kiss in return. I felt like voyeur. And their displays of affection kind of turned me on.  


“I could even feel the energy shifting to something that almost seemed sexual.“

A few weeks later they rang our doorbell. “ Hi! We’re Emma and Collin and we are your new neighbours. “ They looked even better than before. Casual but composed. They invited us over for drinks. So of course we went. We didn’t want to bad neighbours. Their house was smaller than ours. But it looked so well put together. You could tell they were adventurous and happy. We sat, laughed and drank a lot of red wine. I even saw a sparkle in my boyfriend’s eyes. I feel us all getting closer. I could even feel the energy shifting to something that almost seemed sexual. Since Emma and Collin still couldn’t keep their hands of each other.

Then they started kissing each other passionately. We sat across from it and felt a bit awkward at first. But then we both got turned on by it. So we started kissing too. I could feel Emma and Collin watching us as my boyfriend took it a step further by putting his hand down my shirt. Do you mind if I give your lady a kiss? Emma asked cautiously. She sat down next to me and stroke my inner thigh. You’re so hot she whispered to me.  She started kissing me and I could feel her hand in my panties. She started massing my clit. It was so wrong but felt like heaven. Shall we join you ladies? My boyfriend asked.  

“High on lust I couldn’t even tell what body part belonged to who.“


I watched as he undressed Emma. Collin took of my panties with his teeth. We all laid down on their carpet and were all over each other.  It was one big pool of lust. High on lust I couldn’t even tell what body part belonged to who. We just started touching, licking, and sucking on the body part closest. It was naughty, it was messy, and it was so damn hot.



It was the perfect way to get to know the neighbours. I discovered a side of myself I really like.  It strangely improved our relationship too.  So now we still get together on Friday’s and get “ all over each other ”. - Jennifer

Then we switched places. And I watched Emma ride my boyfriend, while Collin fucked me harder and harder from behind. Strangely there was no jealousy at all. I felt so connected and full of lust. It excited me. I massaged my clit while Collin entered me deeper and deeper. My orgasm felt like an explosion!

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