Meet the C-Spot

Oh the many wonders of the female orgasms.You probably know about clitoral and vaginal orgasms. But there's more! Did you know cervical orgasms? Do you know what they are and how to achieve them? Probably not. So just to help you out...

"Here is everything you need to know to get you going and off."

What it is

A cervical orgasm- better known as a full-body orgasm- is an increase-stimulated sensation focused on the whole body, rather than just the clitoris. By tickling your C-Spot you’ll experience lustful waves of pleasurable and intense tingling.

In what sex positions can I get it?

Try doggy or the cowgirl. All positions that allow deep penetration with a penis or a vibrator are best. Not into those? No worries, a deep thrust that’s angled toward the back end side of your vagina will work too.

How to

A cervical orgasm is only achievable through vaginal penetration. It’s important to set the mood, relax, and have some lube within reach. Because to achieve a cervical orgasm you’re going to have to dive in a little deeper and stimulate it softly. Once you’re fully relaxed to the sensation in your cervical area, you will experience the most powerful orgasm that exists.

Where your cervix is

Your cervix is located deep within your vagina and forms the lower part of your womb.  It is around 2-3 cm long and usually has a cylindrical shape. Cervixes are like snowflakes…. No cervix is the same…


Why should I try it?

Those who have managed to place cervical play into their sex life, know that stimulating the cervix can cause very intense feelings of love and spiritual transcendence. It will blow you mind.

Stay safe and have fun kittens..

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