LELO Sona Stimulator


The LELO Sona is a unique clitoris stimulator. The vibrator uses sound waves to stimulate the clitoris and the sensitive parts around it. 


LELO Sona has a soft, round opening which sucks in the clitoris when you place it on your vagina. The blood will be drawn upwards, which makes the clitoris more sensitive. Then the sound waves provide an intense pinpoint stimulation. 


LELO Sona has 8 settings that can be controlled with the push buttons on the handle. Sona is rechargeable and 100% waterproof. 



Hot, sexy, and portable..


Love Toys - LE6171

€ 79,95

  • Ships within 2-4 days1

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" Just can't get enough. I use it all the time." - Lisa

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