Jacuzzi Adventures

Mister Cool. That’s how I referred to him.  He had eyes that could pierce right through you. He was the kind of man who would take your breath away with a single look.  I’ve been lusting over him for such a long time.  Until he finally invited me up to his apartment and showed me his Jacuzzi.


“ My heart was pounding like crazy and my panties were soaking wet all ready.“

I saw him around a couple of times before and I must admit, just looking at him made my panties wet.  He didn’t look like the kind of guy you could bring home to your mother. But lord have mercy. He was radiating sex. I had a hard time not turning into a mumbling schoolgirl whenever he was around. This one evening I stepped out from a party of mutual friends to have a cigarette and guess who popped up…


Do you need a light? He asked me while sitting down right next to me. Even though I had one right in my hand, I couldn’t have said yes any sooner. We both took a drag of our cigarette and looked at the sky. My heart was pounding like crazy and my panties were soaking wet all ready. His scent drove me crazy!  We were making small talk. But I couldn’t help about fantasizing about what it would be like if we did it all night long. Are you enjoying yourself over here? He asked. Not that much. I replied.  Well I have this great bottle of scotch at my place. Let’s leave and get drunk together. Let’s!  I replied while adjusting my coat and grabbing my bag.

“I became high of lust and all my inhibitions went out the window. I put my hand on his crotch and could feel he was big and rock hard.“

Of course I knew what “a bottle of scotch” meant.  So immediately after we arrived at his apartment lifted me up against the wall and started kissing me. I could feel my whole body tingling. He moved his hands over breasts and squeezed my nipples gently. I became high of lust and all my inhibitions went out the window.  I put my hand on his crotch and could feel he was big and rock hard.

Let’s move this party to my Jacuzzi. He said with a naughty look in his eyes. I followed him to the bathroom. Still drunk with lust, I started to take of my clothes very slowly. He filled the tub, looked at me and I could hear his breath getting heavy. I’m going to make you cum oh so hard, he groaned at me.  We both stepped into the tub and I exploded of pleasure when he pressed his perfect naked body against mine. It was muscular but soft to the touch. He went under water and started licking my clit. He licked it fast and licked it slow. When he came up for air he put his fingers inside of me and started playing with my G-Spot. He seductively looked me into my eyes and watched me as I came harder than ever before.

“I could feel his body shaking as he came.“

I Jumped on top of him and rode him hard as I watched the water overflowing the tub. His dick went deep, it went hard, it was everything I imagined it to be and more. It was heaven. He turned me around and grabbed my breasts as slid into me from behind.  I groaned of pleasure, as I was able to feel him even deeper in this position. He pounded me harder and harder. And I could feel his body shaking as he came.

It was an evening I will never forget. Matter of fact I still think about it every now and then whenever I play with myself. - Diana

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