A Park Bench Romance



It was spring and I was enjoying a sunny Sunday at the park. It was everything you would expect from an innocent day at the park.  Until that fifth bottle of rose… I’ve should have know.


“ I knew he always got frisky after a few glasses of wine.“

We were having some wine with a few friends at the park. It was such a nice day. Sun was shining, everyone was happy, and he looked extra fine.  We just started dating so we still had the hot’s for each other. Even though our friends were around, I could tell he was still checking me out. As if he was undressing me with his eyes. It really turned me on.


“ I’m going to do some very nasty things to you. He whispered.“

We didn’t know each other that long. But he was known for getting extra horny after he  had a few drinks in him. So I couldn’t wait till we went home. I wanted to get fucked. Hard, long, and dirty. The thought of it excited me so much. We kept seducing each other with glances. Then he got up and told everyone we had to go. He walked over to me and grabbed me by the butt. “ I’m going to do some very nasty things to you.” He whispered in my ear.

My house was just a few minutes away from the park. So we decided to walk. While walking home, he kept on touching my butt. All of the sudden he stopped. Let’s go sit on that bench he said. I thought it was strange, but went along with it. We sat down and he laid his coat over both of our laps. I heard him undo his belt and zipper.  Will you touch it darling? In that moment I went mad from desire.    

“ I felt his hand slide under my skirt. My panties were soaked.“

He started playing with my clit. Faster, harder! I whispered. He circled around it with his thumb and then I felt his fingers inside me. Can I make you cum? Yes I replied. He found my G-Spot and teased my like crazy. He massaged it slow, fast, sideways. Every kind of direction you could imagine. He was a pro and made me cum oh so hard.


Later on we went back to mine and fucked each other’s brains out. It truly was the perfect Sunday. – Cindy

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