Three fast and easy foreplay tips

When time is limited it’s easy to write off foreplay as wasted time. But even the hottest quickie can turn into a long session if you don’t pre-heat the oven. Which isn’t necessarily bad thing. But we understand that sometimes you don’t have all the time in the world, but still want to get up in there and fast. In our opinion this is not an excuse to skip foreplay. So…….


“ Here are four fast and easy foreplay tips “

The Kiss

Ever heard of love at first kiss? Yes, it’s a thing. And it shows you just how powerful a simple kiss can be. So let’s start right here. Sensually seduce the lips with your lips and work your way down. Pay some extra attention to the erogenous zones. A good kiss in the right place will have anybody melting for you.

The Figure 8 Technique

Whip out a mini vibrator and work the supersensitive area around the clitoris in a figure-8 pattern. It will blow her socks off. You can also use your tongue for this technique. The pattern stays the same if you do. But you can add some gentle sucking to the mix for extra pleasure.  Extra tip: vary the speed and degrees of pressure while you’re doing this. The balance between subtitle and surprise is key.

The Massage

Warm-up to the main event, start by massaging. It doesn’t have to be an hours length full body massage. Just some small touches in the right places will get you there just fine. Massage the length of the legs and work your way to the upper thighs. Work your way towards the neck. This will have anyone turned on in a split second. We recommend using a massage candle for this for some extra excitement.

Stay safe and have fun kittens..

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