Anal Essentials Kits

This anal set has everything you need to enjoy stimulation in a clean, safe and fun way.

Premium materials make up each item. They are phthalate-free and body safe for worry free play.


The thin tipped enema bulb will smoothly and effectively clean you out, to prepare you for ultimate anal exploration! The thin tipped silicone anal plug has an ergonomically flared base and classic design. The beaded anal wand will get in deep and thrill with every bulb that is inserted.


Both the plug and the beads have a slot at the base, into which you can insert the powerful vibrating bullet, turning these stimulating anal toys into sensational vibrators. Each toy is easily sterilized, and feel soft and smooth to the touch. They are even waterproof for a wet and wild experience. 



Everything you need for some butt play.

love Toys - ae433

€ 69,95

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" So much fun and so complete."- Conrad


" Everything is made out of very soft materials." - Lisa

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