A birthday surprise

I’m a bartender. So I’m no stranger to girls flirting with me. Up until now it was just a great way to get tips. So I was able to keep the flirting as professional as possible, until I met her. It was the very first and last time I’ve ever slept with a costumer. Even had to erase my tracks not to get busted, but it was so worth it. Way better than a big tip.


“ There was something about her... I could tell she was the kind to misbehave. “

It was a slow Tuesday so and it’s a small bar, so I was doing this shift all by myself. Then a group of girls came in. They were drunk, they were loud, and they were carrying balloons. They were also very hot. But there was this one girl in the group that caught my eye. It’s my girl’s birthday!!! SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!! This blonde girl yelled at the top of her lungs.  She pointed at girl I had my eye on before. WHOOOOOOOO! She yelled while raising her arms.  Congrats! I said to her while pouring them shots of tequila.

“I secretly whished I was the one to give her a birthday kiss. One by one her friends left. Up until the point she was the only one left.“

Normally I really don’t like “ WHOOO girls.” But there was something about her. I could tell she was the kind to misbehave. I liked it! So congrats again, I said. Did you have a nice birthday? Hmmm yes, but I still didn’t get a birthday kiss. She said while giggling to her girls. I could tell she was trying to test me.  I told her the night was still young as I secretly whished I was the one to give her a birthday kiss. One by one her friends left. Up until the point she was the only one left.

Where are your friends? Should I call you a cab? No thanks. I stayed until everyone left on purpose. I stayed to collect my birthday kiss. This girl had some balls! I was in shocked and intrigued by her bold move.  Let me pour you a drink and I’ll close up.  I closed the door and made sure the blinds were shut. She was still sitting there grinning. Guess she knew she was getting her way.  I walked over to her and placed my hands on her hips. Is this what you wanted? I asked her while staring her into her eyes. She nodded yes and started kissing me slowly.  To be honest, I have this weird tradition. What’s that? I like to do it somewhere public every birthday. So can we do it in this bar?

“And then it happened. I was doing her in my bar on that barstool.“

Stunned by her looks and ballsy moves, I just couldn’t say no. So I put my hands under her dress and noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. It drove me wild! I dropped my pants and she placed her full lips around my dick. She sucked me off. My god she was beautiful. She spread her legs and gestured me to enter her. Come on boy. She said with playfulness in her voice. I could tell she was enjoying the game of it all. And then it happened. I was doing her in my bar on that barstool. I figured I had no time to lose, since I didn’t want to get caught. So thrusted her fast and hard. The possibility of getting caught made it even hotter.

We both came in that bar that evening.  In the daze of it all I forgot to ask for her number. Which I still regret to this day.

I think I love her….- Steven

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