Four everyday occasions that call for some hot sex

Why wait for date night or your weekly hump day to do it? There's no reason that sex should be reserved for special occasions. We encourage you all to embrace the habit of having sex for "no reason." We get it. You can’t just walk up to people and be like “ let’s have sex!”  

"Here are four perfectly good occasions to go ahead and reward yourself and your lover."

Celebrating a good day at work

What better way to do it than hitting the sheets together? Don't wait for that promotion or for you to change jobs (with or without pay raise) —make it about the little victories. Printer didn’t give you shit today? Oh yeah… You’re getting laid tonight!


He or she looks so good today

Everyone has days when they look extra hot for no reason. Oehlalaaaah why not make the most of these days. Don't keep that thought to yourself. When you initiate sex with your lover out of the blue, they’ll take it as a huge compliment, and your sex life is sure to benefit.


The weather

If you never thought the forecast was enough of a reason to get excited, think again. Whether there's a drizzle of rain, a blizzard, or a heat wave, use that time as an excuse to lock the doors, get horny, and focus on your lover.


You’re watching TV

While we’re not a fan of couples watching TV, it can be great inspiration for hot sex on a random weeknight. Use a movie or TV show that you watch together as a reason to bring up what turns you on—or don't say anything and just reenact your favorite scene together.

Stay safe and have fun kittens..

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