Three ways to help him last longer

While being early, fast, or quick is appreciated in most places, in the bedroom it’s a not one. In fact, if you've ever had sex with someone who finishes too quickly, you know how much of it can kill the mood for both of you. There's hope though! Because there are quite a few tricks out there that are designed just to stretch as long as possible. 

" To help you out we’ve listed three tricks that help him last longer.  You're welcome..."

Let Him Watch You

This one is what we call a win-win situation. Because you get to play with yourself and entertain him with a little show while you’re at it. How? Make masturbation part of your foreplay. Tell him you want him to watch you touch yourself. He’ll love it! Plus it will help you get a head start to your own orgasm.


Press Pause

When you're having sex and want to help him last a little longer, ask him to pause every once and a while. This will allow him to cool down before getting going again. Don't just sit there and wait while you pause. Because that would be awkward. Instead, you can use these pauses to practice the art of withholding ( the ultimate tease…) or to experiment with toys, massages, or some rougher stuff. It’s up to you.


Don’t be shy now

Most men are not eager to seek help when it comes to matters of the boudoir. So you can take charge too. Start by suggesting moves like girl on top, which will help you control the pace (and slow it down if he's getting too close). Or you can pick up some condoms or analgesic sprays. These help him last longer. It also shows him your open and that he doesn’t have fix it all by himself.


Stay safe and have fun kittens..

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