How to rough it up (beginners style)


There are so many things a person is probably up for, if you simply asked them. So go ahead just ask and ease your way into it. Want to rough it up some more but feel clueless on how to start?

" Here are three great baby steps to get you into the rough stuff. "

Show m who’s boss

During a playful makeout session, gently grab your lover’s wrists and pin them down above their head. Next, tie their wrists together with something soft (to keep it reassuring for first-timers). When you both seem to be into it, progress to some handcuffs or rope for the full naughty. This one is all about consent though. So discuss it first before you start grabbing…



Passed the fase of spanking by hand? Good for you!

Switch over to a paddle whip. This kind of whip will give you a good old spank with extra stimulation that's not too extreme.

Spank away

Spanking might be one of the best places to start, according to our recent survey. Spanking can stimulate nerve endings in her vagina. When you aim for the lower part of the butt, that is. Because that part of you butt engages the nerves. And gents..letting him/ her spank you! It feels just as good. Just remember: you want to be over booty, not the bone part.


Stay safe and have fun kittens..

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Kiss and do tell

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