Did you say gay?

Never say never is a common phrase I hear a lot and thought nothing much of until this one weekend spent with my gay best friend Danny in Paris. Danny and I were the typical duo, he was my partner in crime and the best shopping buddy a girl could ask for. He was good looking, hilarious sense of humour, brutally honest and I knew he'd never try and steal my brand new Gucci shoes. We would hit all the latest bars and clubs, dance until the sun came up and cruise guys together. In my opinion gay best friends where the best! Like that perfect pair of jeans your ass always looks great in, every girl should have one!


So after a long week at the office we both decided a change of scenery was a must. "Paris is ALWAYS a good idea" he texted me Thursday night. And just like that we booked a ticket and hopped on a plane to the land of sexy french men cheese and wine.


" We have wine at our place, Danny said. Do you boys want to join?"

We all scrabbled in a cab and found our way back to the apartment. The wine flowed and hours went by as we smoked cigarettes and discussed life. "Well I must go" my cute french guy said. "My girlfriend will be wondering where I am by now" I sat in shock as I watched him leave. "Did he just say girlfriend?" I asked Danny. The three of us sat there and laughed. As I resigned to the fact my possible hook up just left to go make love to his girlfriend I decided one more wine was in order before I hit the hay.

" I was in between the two of them, hands were everywhere and before I could recognize who's hands were who's...."

I was sitting on the couch between Danny and his catch of the day Victor. We sat there and laughed about the outcome of my night and just as I was ready to leave the party of two I felt Victors hand on my thigh. He looked and Danny and said in his french accent. "Your friend is very beautiful, no?" "Yes, she's gorgeous!" Danny replied. "Have you ever kissed before?" Victor asked. We both laughed nervously and said "no, we're friends.....and he's gay!" Victor just stared at us blankly as if we were speaking Chinese or something. "Why not? You are both beautiful people, you should try" For the first time al night we both didn't know what to say.


Victor leaned over me and started kissing Danny, I sat in between them and watched. It was weird at first to see but then very quickly I noticed myself feeling turned on by the thought of it all. Victor pulled away then started kissing me. "Now you two" He said. And without hesitation we started kissing. Victors hands now moved up my leg and into to panties. He gently caressed my clit as I made out with Danny and before I knew I we were all naked on the couch. I was in between the two of them, hands were everywhere and before I could recognise who's hands were who's I felt Victor enter me from behind and kissed my neck passionately. As he thrusted into me as Danny sucked on my nipples and caressed my breasts. I was in pure ecstasy. I had never been with two men at the same time before, especially two gay men! It was amazing! I was on top, they where on top, and at one point I had them both inside me at the same time. We kissed, licked and sucked each other till I came in a hot sweaty mess. I desperately needed a bathroom break and a glass of water. So I left them both to continue. I found myself laying on the bed to catch my breath then must have passed out. 


I woke up in the morning to a pounding headache and Danny sleeping next to me. There was no sign of Victor except for a note that read "thank's for the wine ;-) " I laughed and woke Danny up."What the fuck happened last night?!" I said. We both laughed and decided to run over the dirty details with a much needed coffee and breakfast. Danny and I walked hand in hand and never felt closer. We're were still best friends, and he was still gay, but something had changed. We took our friendship to a whole new level but it wasn't weird at all.  After Paris life went on as usual but we always giggle a little when we think of that weekend France.  - Eva

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