Blast from the past

I consider myself a typical goodie two shoes girl. All my friends make fun of me when I get shy or blush when talking about raunchy things. But when I was younger I was quite the wild child. I now have two beautiful children who I adore, and a husband who is just shy of perfect, and not too long ago I was reminded of such past while feeding my two year old at my local cafe on a regular Tuesday morning. "Is that really you?" I heard from above me. I look up to see a familiar face staring back at me. Her name was Amy and the last time we say each other was 10 years ago while she had her hand up my skirt. 

" I was 21 years old and was completely in love with my boyfriend James or at least I thought I was until I met Amy."

I’ve never fantasised about girls, or even thought of them sexually until I met her. To me girls where strange creatures of the unknown. Growing up with older brothers I never really seemed to get along with them. Girls intimidated me, but Amy was cool, fun, open and beautiful. She was the girl with perfect full lips and soft tanned skin, slim figure and she seemed to never have a bad hair day in her life. She was the cool girl at the party that everyone wanted to be around. One night at the usual get together of the football boys and their girlfriends at our favourite club, I saw Amy sitting by herself smoking a cigarette. I built up the courage to talk to her and before I could open my mouth she looked at me with her incredible blue eyes and I froze. "Do you want a cigarette?" she asked."Sure" I replied, but didn't smoke. She seemed bored and after some small talk she asked me if I wanted to get high with her. I nodded and then she pulled out two pills from her bag and put it in my mouth. Before long I was feeling good. I started becoming more chatty and confident around her, we began to connect. We left the group behind and danced like maniacs for hours. 

"We could hear people entering and leaving the women's bathrooms                 but we didn’t care........ "

"I need to pee!!" She yelled at me through the loud music. We weaved through crowds of people and bee lined for the woman's bathrooms. 

We jumped in a cubicle together and before I could say a word she kissed me. I couldn't move. What was happening?!

She grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast, and as she ran her fingers through my hair she pushed me up against the cubicle door. Her breasts were firm (I later found out they were fake) I felt her hand slide up my skirt, she started to rub the outside of my panties, I swear I almost came just from that! I unzipped her dress and started to lick and suck on her hard nipples. We could hear people entering and leaving the woman bathrooms but we didn’t care. 


She pushed her panties to the side and pushed my head down, I began to lick her and as I slipped my fingers inside she moaned. The music was load and she was intoxicating. I felt dizzy with all the excitement and the drugs. I remember thinking to myself why I never tried this before?! We heard a banging on the door. We both stopped and laughed “Maybe we should head back to the party?” We quickly scrambled to find our missing pieces of clothing and fix ourselves up. 


We joined the party again and the boys had no clue what just happened, which made it even more hot.Our dirty little secret became a habit after a while, and we would sneak off at parties and gathering when things got boring to find new and exciting ways to make each other cum. This went on for months, and months. If only they really knew what we got up to! I’m sure if they found out they would have wanted to join in but it was special, at least to me it was. I broke through boundaries I had up for years, and in risk of hurting James I kept it to myself. Not long after summer ended Amy broke it off with her boyfriend and we stopped seeing each other at gatherings. I heard she started a new job and moved overseas. It was the last I heard or saw her….Till now!


"Hi Amy" I said in shock. "Hi Jessica" She smiled at me with those familiar eyes. "You look great" she said. I didn't know what to say, I just sat there and stared. Like usual she entranced me with the beautiful face. "I just wanted to say hi, it's nice to see you again. Take care babe. You too I replied, and just like that she was gone again.


My husband returned from the bathroom "Who was that?" he asked. "Just a blast from the past" i replied. I honestly don't think he would even believe me if I told him. - Jessica

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