Girl on girl....

It was time to blow of some steam after a growling week at the office. So I decided to call my girls for a ladies night out. Little did I know that this night would eventually turn into some girl on girl action.


It was just like every other night I would go out wit my friends. Drinks where flowing, we danced and laughed the night away. I noticed a girl staring at me from the corner of the club. Didn’t think much of it though. Thought she was just checking out my outfit. As the night progressed, so did the amount drinks I had in my system. And like any other night out, one by one my girls night my friends started disappearing to have a smoke or to hook up with some guy.

"I found myself dancing for her. Almost as if I was trying                      to seduce her."

I went to the ladies room. But was hoping she would still be there when I’d return.

While applying some lipstick I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was her! Looking even more gorgeous in normal lighting.  Her silky long hair was fiery red and her lips looked like soft pink peaches.  “ I love that shade on you.” She said with her soft and gentle voice. “ Thanks” I replied. She looked me straight in the eyes and grabbed the back of my neck and started kissing me. Aggressive but gentle at the same time. It felt like fireworks went off. I was no longer able to think straight. She shoved me into a bathroom stall. For the first time in my life I turned on by a girl. 

"“ I knew you were a naughty girl...                                                                        She said while looking me straight into my eyes. "

She kept kissing me and I felt her hand go down my skirt. Oh my lord…This felt so good, but am I even allowed to do this? She slid my panties to the side and started playing with my clit. “ I knew you were a naughty girl.” She said while looking me straight into my eyes. At this point I decided to just go for it. And my hands got lost under her top. Her breasts felt so perky and so soft. All of the sudden I came so hard but tried my very best to stay quite. It felt like I imploded. While I was coming, I saw a smirk on her face.


“ Give me you phone.” She commanded after. I did and watched her as she but her number in it with a big grin on her face. “ Call me whenever you want to do this again.” I told her I would, but never got the courage again to call. I do think about her every now and then though….  - Lisa

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