Getting it on at the office.

Can I start by saying that I’ve always loved my job.

And I might risk loosing it if word gets’ out about my dirty little office secret. It al started when he arrived at the office.


He got transferred from our Spain department to ours.

I still remember the first day he walked in. Devastingly handsome and confident in the well-fitted suit he wore. He looked me straight into my eyes and shuck my hand firmly. Within that handshake I could already feel the sexual chemistry between us. It was electrifying. “ Welcome to our team.” I said as firmly as I was able to. 


" We had to do a project together. Which meant: long hours and          lots of alone time."

Over the first two months other colleagues started noticing our chemistry too. The even joked about us secretly feeling each other up in the file archive. I always laughed it off and made sure they knew that he wasn’t an option. Even though the thought of it seemed so exciting. By the third month, we had to do a project together. Which meant: long hours and lots of alone time.

" Are you sure you want to do this? He asked.                                                     No.. I replied while taking off my panties."

Something changed…

He started asking about my love life and complimented me on the way I looked every single day. One evening we decided to accompany our project with some whiskey.  And after a few we both couldn’t ignore the chemistry anymore. “ You are a very beautiful lady. Have you ever noticed that I check you out every day?” I could no longer help it and started kissing him. “ Let’s go into the file archive..” He said.


So there I was. Exactly as my colleagues had predicted.

I could feel he was rock hard, as he pushed me up the file cabinet. “ Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked. “ No” I replied as toke my panties off. He lifted me and thrusted himself inside of me. He felt so big. So manly. He fucked me. He didn’t make love to me. But fucked me hard. As you would fuck a mistress. Dirty, sweaty, hard, and quick. And it felt so good.


We both knew it wasn’t going to be true love or anything like that.

But that doesn’t stop us from ‘ visiting the file achieve’ every Wednesday after everyone has left the office. - Jade


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